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January 15, 2013
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Applejack is worst pony? by Helsaabi Applejack is worst pony? by Helsaabi
You should read Tumbler about Applejack. [link]

Applejack is worst pony? Nah! Applejack is best pony my opinion, she is the bearer of the Element of Honesty.

She is honest person,rival with Rainbow dash or Rarity, "Dragonshy," "Sisterhooves Social," "Sleepless in Ponyville," and "Spike at your Service" are awesome Applejack episodes;

What is your opinion about Applejack?


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Why do people hate AJ?

Wait min Tumblr  been remove by creator? It's weird..

Hmm let see about Applejack is less character and less favorite...Applejack act like background character. 
magicalflutter5 Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
She is not my favorite but she is one of them.
Applejack is best pony... to me. I don't like that alot of other people hate on her when she did nothing wrong, like Derpy. Except alot of people like Derpy, only a handful like Applejack. It... just makes me sick and tired to keep seeing people hatin' on her.
:nod: Oh i mean Applejack is best part of the family more than "best pony" becuase she is really hard work,honest and with friends. She is very strong more than rainbow dash. 
InSaNiTyPossessed Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't get it. Everyone is obsessing over her like she's the most underrated pony ever. Besides jokes, I have never seen ANY hate for her and only people paying too much attention to her... I personally find her very annoying. I don't need any hate. Just need to put that out there.
Applejack is best part of family more than "best pony" I don't think they don't like applejack as background pony. hmm she never annoying but she is honest element and nature working in farm 
InSaNiTyPossessed Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's a long story why I dislike her so much.
I think AJ and Dashie represent the two very different spectrums how to be popular in the group

Dashie is generally known since her overal expansive nature - she wants and needs to be on spotlight, that's how I see her most of the time - although she has moments of being descent person.

AJ seems to be well known but it's not her intial goal, it's her helping around attitude that makes her known and loved even though I doubt she would care about popularity that much ;)

Overal AJ is a great character, needs more focus, and polishing though, season 3 delivered some nice moments for her, so I'm hoping for more of it in 4th.

Anyway good job on the submisson above, keep it up :)
Thanks! ^^

I agree with you. :) I don't think she has very moments of being descent person. (my favorite "The last roundup" for season 2. I hope Applejack will more of it in 4 season.Maybe Applejack may go to ocean where meet with sea pony.

Applejack: I have bad feeling meet with sea pony again...
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